Linux: Red Hat with CentOS – Good Tactical Move?

A recent announcement that Red Hat and CentOS have ”Joined Forces” is interesting, and should lead to an improved development/release cycle for both.. Red Hat: CentOS: Potentially, this would certainly result in CentOS versions being released earlier, after … Continue reading

Facebook’s ”Home” – Embrace and Extend?

So, the usual rumours about Facebook making its own (smart)phone turn out to be somewhat premature… After all, why go to all the trouble of making your own phone, when you can just ‘hijack’ an existing one? This reminds … Continue reading

Is Facebook Finally Losing It?

Facebook became popular because users liked the sharing of ‘friends’ information, especially among their family groups, but since those early days, every move the company makes seems more and more to be for the benefit of Facebook itself, and the … Continue reading

The Death of Privacy.. Schadenfreude* Alert!

And now for some festive comic relief.. Zuckerberg’s sister has been whining about the ‘sharing’ of one of her ‘private’ photos, originally posted on – guess where – Facebook!    She naïvely assumed it was ‘private’, but apparently a Facebook-friend-of-a-friend had … Continue reading

New Year – One to Watch in 2013..

GoPro – the makers of HD ‘sports’ compact video cameras – have gone from strength to strength in the last year or so.   In 2011 they acquired Cineform – who develop high-end video encoding software: And recently, Foxconn – … Continue reading

Facebook and Instagram – Welcome to the New ‘Information’ Age..?

I have always held the opinion that you should have no expectation of ‘privacy’ or ‘ownership’ for anything posted to Facebook, and now this has spread to encompass Instagram, who were recently ‘acquired’ by Facebook, for what – in many … Continue reading

The Internet is Safe! – Until the Next Time..

So – predictably – the UK and US refused to endorse the less-then-subtle attempt by a UN body to ‘regulate’ the flow of information across the ‘net.. Once these two nations made their position clear, the usual group of … Continue reading

When Cash-Cows Collide… MS and Apple Spat over Office on iOS

These days, both Microsoft and Apple derive a significant portion of their revenue from what are – effectively – ‘cash cows’, with relatively small investment costs giving large – and continuing – returns.. Now, the companies are fighting over two … Continue reading