New Year – Same old Patent Wars..

The ongoing ‘patent wars’ between Apple and Samsung took another twist, recently, when the dear old EU took another leap away from reality, and decided that it was Samsung who had ‘abused’ its patent position to the detriment of poor little Apple..

The article could have equally been written with the references to ‘Samsung’ and ‘Apple’ transposed, but in this case – for some bizarre reason – it had been decided that Samsung was the ‘villain’, despite recent events showing that it was in fact Apple that had been flagrantly abusing its patent portfolio, combined with some deeply flawed and ‘prejudiced’ jury decisions in the USA..

This one seems destined to run and run, and the US patent system will continue to be able to be ‘gamed’, due to their continuing approval of obviously non-original patents…..   The only winners are the lawyers, and the losers are the consumers, who will be denied real choice in the marketplace..

© Robert Gadsdon 2013.

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