Is Facebook Finally Losing It?

Facebook became popular because users liked the sharing of ‘friends’ information, especially among their family groups, but since those early days, every move the company makes seems more and more to be for the benefit of Facebook itself, and the users are the ones who lose out.     This may not true all of the time, but – and this is most damning – the perception is that it is so…   And in so many cases, perception and reality are the same thing..

Now these missteps are becoming ammunition for competitors, and Google‘s Larry Page has recently slated the company for ‘doing a bad job with its products’:

Now – of course – Google is a competitor to Facebook in many areas, especially with the less-than-stellar Google+, but the point made here is that it really doesn’t matter if Google+ is not a raging success, as it is more of a means-to-an-end for Google, rather than the end -in-itself as with Facebook, which – despite recent ill-thought-out acquisitions – is really still a one-product-company..

Facebook may be famous, but it is rapidly in danger of continuing to be famous – for the wrong reasons.    Their IPO was an amateurish disaster, and Mark Zuckerberg is increasing becoming a liability to the continued success of the company he ‘founded’, and it may be time for him to get someone more experienced to control the company.   The problem is – he won’t do that, because he is – after all – Mark Zuckerberg..

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