4G – Bragging Rights, but Not Much Else – Yet…

After all the hype about ‘Everything Everywhere’ (a brand ripe for parody, if ever there was one) and their announcement of tentative ”4G” services in (parts of) the UK, there have been several articles commenting on the perils of early-adopters (and there are many).   One of the more concise and erudite dissections is in The Register http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/10/26/4g_no_thx_no2/

I have the privilege to live out in the desolate wastelands of Buckinghamshire, and I can attest to the spotty availability of a half-decent 3G signal, so I had to laugh at the reports on 4G that were in the press..

Lets see…   Poor coverage, high battery consumption, no proper voice support (falls back to 3G for that..), not usually much faster than 3G in most areas, and extra costs (not surprisingly).    And..  there are developments in 3G (‘dual-channel HSPA+’) that are – in practice – just as fast, today..

As the articles say..  There might possibly be a compelling reason to upgrade – in a year or so’s time

© Robert Gadsdon, 2012

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