The Perils of Themes..

One of the good things about open technology is that anyone with a modicum of skills can create stuff, and this includes themes – the layout and colours and fonts and positioning of graphical content.   I have encountered this in browsers (Firefox) as well as here and now – in WordPress..

The only problem, is that so many of these are created by amateurs, with little regard to form or function..    Many of them would probably be fine if you were – say – supporting a local football team, or a particular ‘artist’ in the music scene..      Choice is good, but sometimes there is too much of it.   There are some good themes out there – I use Silvermel for Firefox, and it is excellent.    Good to look at, and fully functional, and regularly updated (essential with Firefox’s rapid update schedule, these days..)    There are many more Firefox themes available, but most of them are – IMHO – not what I want to stare at for hours on end..

I have been spending a lot of time trying to find a suitable, functional, theme for this site, and have found most are – frankly – quite ugly, and many do not have the options for customisation that I need..   I have also found that some of the customisation features don’t actually work correctly..   Very frustrating to get the header fonts and background graphics nicely set up, only to find some ugly mess when you look at the site preview..    I even decided – in exasperation – to use the same theme as on my WordPress-hosted blog, only to find that the version available here had many of the customisation options missing!

I know, I should bite the bullet and teach myself CSS, but why should I have to!



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