MS Surface – Killing Itself?

Microsoft seems to be hell-bent on upsetting its partners again, at a time when it really can’t afford to do so.    Someone has thought Microsoft should be more like Apple (again?) and do it all itself, with regards to Windows … Continue reading

Apple and the cult of ‘Arrogance’

Much has been said in the press recently about the perceived ‘arrogance’ of Apple’s response to quality issues with the release of the iPhone 5, and the mapping fiasco, and – recently – the less-than-stellar release of the iPad Mini..     … Continue reading

‘Windows 8 Only’ CPUs – Bad for Business?

First we had ‘EFI Secure Boot‘ limited to Microsoft control, and now Intel and AMD have both recently – and somewhat coincidentally – announced that their new tablet-focussed CPUs – ‘Clover Trail‘ and ‘Hondo‘ respectively – will be ‘Windows 8 … Continue reading

4G – Bragging Rights, but Not Much Else – Yet…

After all the hype about ‘Everything Everywhere’ (a brand ripe for parody, if ever there was one) and their announcement of tentative ”4G” services in (parts of) the UK, there have been several articles commenting on the perils of early-adopters … Continue reading