‘Wicket’ – UN to Control the Web? Be Very Afraid..

The UN has – in many peoples estimation – singularly failed to live up to its remit, in so many areas..   Now there is a proposal to had over ‘control’ of the Web to a UN Agency that is unaccountable in so many ways, at the upcoming ‘World Conference on International Telecommunications’ (WCIT, or ‘wicket‘):


The Internet-based World-Wide-Web has grown into a massive force for promoting – and supporting – relatively uninterrupted information flow, and this – as usual – can be used for ‘good’ and for ‘evil’, just like other forms of communication, such as the telephone…      As is often the case, there is a section of bureaucracy that believes that everything should be ‘controlled’ in some authoritarian form..     There may well be a need for some changes in the way the internet/web is regulated, but this is not it..

© Robert Gadsdon, 2012

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