Windows 8 Claims its first Exec. Scalp?

After the less-than-stellar launch of Windows 8, now comes the shock departure of the Microsoft executive responsible – Steven Sinofsky:

The sudden departure is a surprise, and the usual gushing platitudes – probably dictated through gritted teeth – do little to downplay the drama..    It was well-known that Sinofsky did not ‘play well with others’, and there comes a time when this can become intolerable, and a real impediment to effective business decisions..

It would appear that there is – at least for the time being – no new replacement, but just a ‘shuffling of responsibilities’ among the remaining execs, with one being ‘promoted’..

It will be interesting to see if this state of affairs lasts for long, as MS Windows is still – after all – a major Microsoft ‘product’, despite the changing world of IT business models and technologies..   However, it may be thought that having the same person responsible for the ‘technology’ and the ‘business’ aspects was seen as too much of a conflict of priorities, these days..

© Robert Gadsdon, 2012

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