Microsoft – Back to the ’90s?

First we had Microsoft ‘annoying’ its OEM partners with its own tablet (see my previous post..) and now – it seems – the company may – or may not – be introducing its own smartphone:

This is starting to feel like the ’90s all over again…   Then, Microsoft was notorious for ‘pre-announcing’ some wonderful new software product or enhancement to the OS, that was designed to panic potential buyers of its competitors’ products into waiting to see what happened next..   In many cases, the plans came to naught, but the competitors were still spooked, by then….

To say that a certain Finnish phone manufacturer would be extremely upset by the latest announcement, would probably be an understatement..   Unless, that is, Microsoft decides to actually buy Nokia outright, now that the price is right..   They would also get access to some very useful mapping technology, into the bargain..

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