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  1. Hi!
    Could you please explain how did you compile the new kernel for Odroid U2 and booted it?
    Even basic information like “checkout the latest kernel from XXX, use this config and this dtb, merge zImage with dtb and boot” would be very helpful.
    I spent tens of hours to figure out how to do this with no luck. I don’t even know which dtb to use: from X2 or from U3. I also tried the one from samsung guys, but no luck. I think I missed something.

    • I would have replied sooner, if you had posted this on my Linux blog! (

      As you can see, this one is relatively dormant, for the time being..

      There is more info on that topic there, in some of the older articles, ( and I am planning to produce an up-to-date article on using the latest kernel, but – so far – I cannot get the exynos-ehci USB module to load, so the network does not work (being USB-based).

      I now get the ‘latest’ kernel from


      • Sorry for disturbing :(. I was in a kind of panic because I spent tens of hours trying to get it working. You was my last hope :).
        Now I figured out how to build it, but also have problems with USB.

        Anyway, thanks for answering, thanks for posting interesting news and good luck!

        PS I think it’s better to remove my posts because they are irrelevant to this place.

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